Brokerware™ Transporation Management System

Online Sales Agent Tools

BrokerWare™ provides online tools to remote sales agents for instant access to their shipment information.

Strategically Integrated

We've integrated with countless partners to make your business more efficient. This includes QuickBooks, Load Boards, PC Miler, and much more.

User Group Meetings

We listen to our clients' recommendations on enhancing the software by holding quarterly User Group Meetings.

Web Services

Rate, Dispatch, Track, and retrieve documents with accuracy in real time from carriers through web services.

Powerful & Easy to Use.

BrokerWare™ TMS is designed to operate your freight brokerage from A to Z with features such as Least Cost Routing, Sales Portal, Customer Portal, and a bi-directional accounting integration. We have all the features, but best of all we have the most user friendly interface in the marketplace.
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A dedicated, knowledgeable Technical Support team is on hand to answer your questions and provide helpful information.

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Features & Solutions

BrokerWare is a web-based application that will increase the efficiency of your company. Our software offers many features that allow your business to run more efficiently and effectively, thereby making you more profitable!

Dispatch & Operations

Book, track, & dispatch shipments, create quotes, and store notes & important documents related to each shipment.

XML & SMC Rating

Least cost routing allows you to optimize the least expensive and most reliable carrier for the given lane without having to check carrier websites or make calls to source rates.

Customer Portal

Provide your customers with a branded portal to track and rate shipments based upon tariffs that you have created.

Sales Portal

Allows the Sales Rep to create quotes, dispatch loads, & track shipments for their accounts. Your sales force can also access reports for tracking their shipments and commissions.

Increase Efficiency

Eliminate double entry with automatic synchronization accounting apps such as Quickbooks and MAS 90.

Carrier Selection

Shorten carrier research times and prevent them from displaying to your business when they do not meet your carrier qualifications.

Latest News

September 18th, 2015 | System Update

September 23, 2015

System Update Notes | September 18th, 2015   New Releases XML Service Lane Rating You now have the ability to mark up rates based off State to Stateor Zip to Zip criteria. This gives you the ability to change themarkup of your rates based off specific areas within your tariff. Enhanced Report Builder There is […]

New Feature | XML Lane Specific Markup!

August 25, 2015

March 13th, 2015 | System Update

March 11, 2015

Dear 3PL Clients,   We have an update planned for the evening of March 13th beginning at 9:00 PM PST. Your service will not be interrupted during this time. Please see below for a list of items that will be included.   New Developments You now have the ability to export a tariff profile from […]

February 20th, 2015 | System Update

February 20, 2015

3PL Clients,   We have an update planned for the evening of February 20th beginning at 9:00 PM PST. Your service will not be interrupted during this time. Please see below for a list of items that will be included.   Bug Fixes Bill To – This issue was preventing the proper bill to information […]

New Feature : RateShare

November 30, 2014

RateShare is one of the latest technologies that 3PL Systems has to offer! It allows you to connect with other brokers and share rates!


"I just wanted to take the time to mention how excited we all are about the new XML pricing feature. This will save us an incredible amount of time. In addition, XML makes us aware of lanes serviced by the carrier (and the transit times for that lane) that we may not necessarily have committed to memory. All in all it is a wonderful thing. On behalf of all of the staff here at MoveFreight, Inc and myself a sincere thank you."

Cliff Claycomb

President - MoveFreight, Inc.